Politics & Pandemics (with David Plouffe)

Show Notes


In this episode of Stay Tuned, “ Politics & Pandemics,” Preet answers listener questions about:

— The Trump administration’s response to the growing coronavirus crisis

— Harvey Weinstein’s 23-year sentence on two charges of felony sex crimes

— The House’s investigative activity since the conclusion of President Trump’s impeachment

— Lee Harvey Oswald, the “alleged” JFK assassin

The guest is David Plouffe, author of A Citizen’s Guide to Beating Donald Trump and the accompanying YA book Ripples of Hope: Your Guide to Electing a New President. Plouffe served as campaign manager for Barack Obama’s transformative 2008 presidential run and as Senior Advisor to President Obama from 2011-2013. Since September 2019, Plouffe has hosted the Campaign HQ podcast, where he interviews campaign managers, consultants, and political veterans like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. He lives in San Francisco, where he has played crucial roles in the growth of Uber and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

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